Civilian [si-vil-yuh n] noun. a person who is not on active duty with a military or naval organization. That's probably you, and that's great because Shenandoah Square is the perfect fit for everyone from budding families to hustling techies.

We Tick All The Boxes

Why live at Shenandoah? Let's count the reasons:

  • Get way more space for way less dough
  • Live smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley
  • Commute carefree with transportation options galore
  • Discover the most charming downtown in northern California 
  • Enjoy access to two communities worth of amenities
  • Snag the unicorn [aka affordable rent in the Bay Area]
  • Did we mention tons of square footage?

Application Process

Ready to call Shenandoah home? Let's get started. Complete our online application form and submit the following:

  • Download and complete the Civilian Application Form below.
  • Submit the following documents with the completed application:
    • Copy of government-issued ID
    • Proof of income exceeding 2.25 times the monthly rent or proof of available assets equal to 3 times the annual rent
    • Proof of renter's insurance
  • Email the completed application and supplemental documents listed above to Shenandoah Square's property management team

Next, we'll run a criminal background check and credit report. Once the application has been approved, you can move into your new home and enjoy the extra elbow room in our spacious townhome apartments.