We believe that America's military strength begins at home. That's why housing military families is our number one priority. We are proud to offer active duty service members a great place to live, plus a few extra perks along the way.

Military Discounts

All qualified military applicants enjoy these benefits:

  • Rent is the lesser of $2,856 or your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
  • Keep any remaining BAH over the monthly rent
  • Receive first priority for available homes/waitlist
  • No application fee
  • No security deposit

Application Process

Active-duty service members generally apply for housing after receiving orders to Moffett Federal Airfield. However, we do offer flexibility for early move-ins. When you're ready to apply:

  • Download and complete the Military Application Form below.
  • Submit a copy of your orders with the completed application. If your dependents are not on your orders, please submit a copy of your DEERs or DA31.
  • Email the completed application, copy of your orders, and proof of dependents to Shenandoah Square's property management team.

After we've received and processed your information, our team will set you up with a new home and make sure your move goes seamlessly.

About the Military Housing Privatization Initiative

Shenandoah Square is a Military Housing Privatization Initiative community. Established in 1996, the initiative was enacted to improve the lives of service men and women by providing them with high quality housing. MHPI leverages the experience and expertise of the private sector to offer updated, well-designed homes and professional, effective management services to the members of our armed forces so that they, and their families, may feel secure at home. As part of MHPI, Shenandoah Square is an affordable and well-maintained housing option in the Mountain View area.

Additional homes are available on base at Wescoat Village at Moffett Federal Airfield.